Back to the Blog!

Back to the Blog! As things go with small businesses, life gets in the way of starting blogs and new ventures. Since writing the first post for this I have moved from a rental to a temporary duplex into a completely gut remodeled Craftsman cottage in the M-Streets of Dallas. Busy, but awesome year. Being […]


As we embark on the holiday season I’m determined to enter this often stressful period with thankfulness guiding me. I’ve found over the last few years anytime I am overwhelmed tapping into my self-awareness to remember one, two, three or all the things I am thankful for is instantaneously calming. And what better way to […]

Goodbye Tiny Duplex!

Goodbye Tiny Duplex! After many days filling the storage container, thanks to my mom and several friends who all pitched in and helped move the big items, the move is happening. Tiny Duplex was a delightful home for a year. It may have been so crooked a water bottle would roll downhill across the floor, […]

Mi-Box! The Storage Container Arrives

Mi-Box! The Storage Container Arrives Due to the Richmond House remodel and a summer stopover at my friend’s duplex I will be moving not once, but twice, all within the same neighborhood. Decided I would try my luck at one of the storage containers they drop at your house and you load on your own instead of […]