Mi-Box! The Storage Container Arrives

Mi-Box! The Storage Container Arrives

2013-06-25 10.47.33

Due to the Richmond House remodel and a summer stopover at my friend’s duplex I will be moving not once, but twice, all within the same neighborhood. Decided I would try my luck at one of the storage containers they drop at your house and you load on your own instead of using a storage unit or hiring movers to load and unload all my possessions twice. And let’s get real, tiny duplex had a HUGE closet. So no way all of that stuff is fitting in the summer duplex which currently holds all of my friend’s belongings.

Watching them navigate this monstrosity down a narrow residential street with cars parked on various sides was nerve-racking and entertaining. The crepe myrtles that line the block took the real abuse getting knicked a little as the box lowered onto the street.

All in all, I’m hoping this is going to be a great solution to the moving my stuff conundrum.


  • I’ll have constant access to my belongings as they will just sit in the driveway at Richmond House acting as a glorified master closet.
  • The cost was comparable to any other option.
  • I can pack and unpack it at my leisure.


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