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Give Thanks! Source: HGTV

As we embark on the holiday season I’m determined to enter this often stressful period with thankfulness guiding me. I’ve found over the last few years anytime I am overwhelmed tapping into my self-awareness to remember one, two, three or all the things I am thankful for is instantaneously calming.

And what better way to start this blog than a post about how thankful I am for this blog to be up and running. A venue to post and interact with those of you out there visiting the website to learn more about HOST!

Most days you’ll see the accounts of the crazy, fun, zanny, inspiring elements of my days. Both work and personal. We’ll provide some tips, a little advice (I might ask your for your advice everyone once in a while so get ready), and a behind the scenes look at Host Lifestyle and The House of Host.

For now take a look at this fun project from Katie Day Photo! I luckily have a wrought iron wishing tree given to me by a friend several years ago that I may turn into a Thankfulness Tree. But if I simply can’t find it in the chaos of our recent move I’ll be turning to this DIY option.

Thanks in advance for continuing to check back for new posts!

DIY Tree of Thankfulness

DIY Tree of Thankfulness Source:


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