Tiny Duplex Living Room Dallas

Tiny Duplex Living Room Dallas

2013-04-28 18.52.30

Tiny Duplex Living Room Dallas


Tiny Duplex was the nickname given to my first place here in Dallas. It wasn’t particularly ‘tiny’, but it was the first place that had been all mine for many years.

This was the end result of the living room design. The sofa was found on Craig’s List only a couple of blocks away. The ottoman coffee table is from a consignment store in Aspen, Colorado. The ottoman stools are Target.

One of my favorite pieces that pops up at almost all of my homes is the print from Cozamia¬†that serves as the focal point of this room. My two most beloved items are of course Sheffield, the little dog on the couch, and the deer antlers on the wall. They were my father’s from when he was a teen. I got them from my grandmother’s house one day and treasure them.

The other photos are a mix of friends, family, travels and found items.

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